LLorna Gibb


A Glasow Herald Book of the Year for 2015


'Gibb deftly weaves fact and fiction so that each page shimmers ectoplasmically with uncertainty' The Mail on Sunday


'The novel has much to recommend it..a meticulous eye for historical detail..'

Irish Times


'this is an intriguing, well-researched debut about truth and illusion, reality and the world of the spirit.' Daily Mail


'Ideal fireside reading' The Lady

'a compelling story of spiritualism and mediums is full of the most intriguing, bizarre detail are pitched in a world that is rich and strange.' The Express


'a fascinating study of the strange world of belief and longing to believe all wrapped up in a very clever, sophisticated piece of fiction.'


This astonishingly adept novel reveals a narrator like none other...Above all it is an examination of belief and a spectacular insight into what lies on the other side.

Fear Magazine


'Brisk and affectionate ... presents with discerning succinctness, a sharply etched portrait of a true original.' John Carey,

The Sunday Times


'Riveting ... a gripping story of a woman's life that was such a sprawling mess, such a catalogue of minor and major disasters, mistakes, enmities and discomforts, that one's jaw drops on every page.'

Country Life

'Lorna Gibb has given Lady Hester Stanhope the biography she deserves' Frances Wilson

The Guardian,


'Lorna Gibb's biography is an elegant, scholarly production' Patricia Duncker

The Independent